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Happy Halloween!

Hey there! Happy and fun Halloween, people! Did you guys get your pumpkins out, seeing everything in all burnt orange/pumpkin color? I so wish I could be in the US with the rest of my family having lots of fun with oh-so-crazy costumes, decors and food that comes along with all that. Oh, well, maybe next year :)

I feel like putting on a weird and crazy costume and surprising my husband with it! Wouldn't that be fun, just as he came from work looking all tired and annoyed from the hectic traffic of Istanbul! 

Aren't these heels awesome?? I love that claw detailing on them. 

Or, how 'bout these crazy boots? :) Me, loving them!

Typical Halloween decor is just lovely with all those bright colors and theme accessories.  However, you might want to take a minimal approach to it and keep things calm and simple like in the pictures below:

Don't these look wickedly delicious?? :)

Come kitty kitty...

Thanks for reading!

photos: pinterest
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