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My 2014 "Shoe Year's" Resolutions...

And so starts a whole new year...of shoes! I have so many plans for 2014. Some will happen, some may not, but I'm looking at the year's developments with optimism and excitement. Want a sneak peek? Here's what on the boil...

In Production or Just Finished
"Antoinette" - satin embroidered mules with Pompadour heels. YUM. They're leaving the factory tomorrow...
It took almost a year, but "Highbury" Regency flats, made of dyeable satin, are finally arriving in about a week and a half.
"Stratford" Elizabethan Shoes, which took a couple years to develop, are in production, arriving in March-ish.
Redevelopments for 2014 - New and Improved

"Georgiana" - it's been years since we've had the dyeable 18th c. satin shoes. The new Georgies have the Kensington shape, leather soles and lining, and improved fit.
"Pompadour" in Black - following Pomps in ivory, the new black Pompadours have a revised toe shape, swankier fabric, and the lovely, historically accurate white rand.
"Pemberley" - the 1790s staple returns with a pointier toe, higher vamp, and revised Italian heel shape.
Shiny New Styles for 2014
"Gettysburg" - side-lacing, leather and wool, foxed booties with square toes. These are adorable on, and work for the 1830s through 1860s.
"Tissot" - the square-toed, low-heeled, dyeable satin staple of the Civil War ballroom.
"Nankeen" - Regency fabric boots with soft toes and leather soles.
"Savoy" - heavily beaded Edwardian pumps with cutouts, and a low, comfortable French heel.
Wait, is that all?
You may have a favorite you know is in development, but you don't see here. Don't worry - some are not ready for photos to be shown yet.  Here's what else is pending...

  • "Madison" 18th century leather shoes
  • "Renoir" button boots - 1860s through 1880s
  • "Abigail" Signature Collection shoe based on Abigail Adams' yellow Regency slippers

We will also re-stock styles currently in the shop, and may add a new colorway here or there.

Now, of course, the difficulty is in deciding which style to do when! (I'm hoping you all can help me with that - look for polls and surveys to come)
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